Presented for sale, a complete collection
of rare equipment, tools and materials.

Presented for sale

Numerous pieces of 19th century machinery

More than 600 hand tools

More than 150 materials


Contact details

For more information or to organise a tour of the collection please contact Daphne Lera:

Telephone: 02 4757 2783



INTERVIEW:  Listen to a radio interview with owner Daphne Lera, September 2011 (Opens in a new window)

Collection items

Message from the owner

I would like to emphasise that the value of this archive and equipment lies not only in its antiquity and historical connection but also that it has been in daily use for decades and that the collection is not merely a museum exhibit.

I know the equipment's history, have used it, maintained it and appreciated its historical and practical qualities.

Moreover, by being kept together (a rare occurrence in these days of rampant neophilia) I'm sure that there would not be another one like it in Australia, and not too many like it anywhere else. So its intrinsic value cannot be stressed strongly enough. In the light of the longevity of the collection one of the more important aspects is that it is a working collection.

How many times over the many years of my career, have I heard someone say, when bringing me a treasured book for conservation 'Oh, this is a dying art isn't it?'

Conservation is far from dying, it is alive, vibrant, and an important part of an expanding industry.

There is a community of experts at numerous highly- regarded Universities and Institutions worldwide. These dedicated scientists seek to extend the boundaries of understanding of the cultural heritage of our world.

It is because of these core values I wish to continue to support the tradition of conservation and all that D.S.Murray has stood for over the past 127 years.

Daphne Lera

Graduate of The London College of Printing, Clerkenwell 1979
Associate Member of Designer Book Binders since 1983
A.I.C.C.M (Australian Institute of the Conservation of Cultural Material)
Founder of Studio Four Bindery, Clerkenwell, London U.K. 1976